I wanted to try something different for dinner on a Friday night a couple of months ago. I went online and searched for anything unique for me to try out. To my surprise, I found a Bamboo Biryani dish @Ammu’s Kitchen at my favourite food spot, OMR Foodstreet, ECR. I immediately wanted to try it out because I have heard about the bamboo Biryani before but haven’t got a chance to try it out. I had called up a few buddies of mine and planned to meet at the restaurant by evening that day.

When I got there, the parking spots were full as it was a Friday evening. But the securities there guided me to park the car securely.  But my friends hadn’t arrived yet and I wanted to wait for them to go to that restaurant. So, I planned to have a look around to have something simple till everyone gathered. I saw Mad fries at the end and went to have cheesy fries. It was good as usual. Before I could finish the entire dish on my own, my friends started to arrive one by one. And we ended up ordering two more cheese fries, both of different flavours. After we were done with that, we went to the Ammu’s Kitchen and didn’t even look at the menu. We ordered three portions of Bamboo Biryani straight away. The server came with three Bamboo trunks and opened to get the Biryani out to the plates in front of us. We were watching it in awe. The fresh and hot Biryani that was cooked in bamboo had been served. We could smell the hot Biryani with a mild scent of bamboo mixed in it. We started eating it. It was fresh, hot, spicy and tasty. We haven’t uttered a single word till every one of us had emptied almost half the plate. The chicken was cooked to the right texture. The flavouring was precise. We were seated outside in open air, enjoying a freshly prepared Biryani. It was fun. It became one of our spots to eat Biryani from then on.

In any restaurant, the taste isn’t the only thing that makes it a good restaurant. Even the customer service, the ambience etc, everything matters. The Easy and free parking, the varieties to choose, the open air seat with sea breeze grazing us 24/7 and the friendly service made it not just a good experience that day, but one of the fondest memories I have of hanging out with my buddies.

, Watch out for bamboo biryani at OMR  Food Street ECR, OMR FOOD STREET