Are you guys bored of restaurant type foods where you have only one or two cuisines to choose from ? Then head to OMR FOOD STREET where you get almost all types of cuisines all under one roof . It’s basically a series of street food stalls all under one roof at pocket friendly price. The place basically caters to all pallets. The one in thoraipakkam is the first foodstreet in Chennai followed by navalur, perumbakam , ECR and guduvanchery. The perfect time to hit this place is around 6 cuz that’s when the sun’s down and all the shops open . If you guys come by car then don’t worry cuz parking here is absolutely free. After 6 in the evening, this is the most happening place in the city . We did visit 6 different outlets of different cuisines and we absolutely loved the food and the experience.

Stop no 1

Ar Arab :

Calling all shawarma lovers!!! This is the place to head to. We tired the special shawarma which doesn’t have any veggies but just chicken alone . Finely Shredded spiced chicken mixed with creamy toum sauce ( garlic sauce ) stuffed inside a soft kuboos . The shredded meat itself gives a nice flavour and added toum sauce to it just makes it perfect. What I really loved about this outlet is that they grill their chicken using coal which is the most healthiest and safest way of grilling and also adds a smoky flavour to it . This outlet is truly a heaven for foodies especially for those who love meat .

Stop no 2

Long Live Pizza:

For all those who crave for the flavourful tomato sauce and cheese spread pies topped with some meat or veggies of your choice then head “Long live pizza”. The most pocket friendly pizza chain I’ve ever seen . A classic small Margherita starts at just ₹89 , isn’t that a pretty reasonable. They even have amazing and yeah pocket friendly combos to choose from . We tried a chicken trio pizza which is all in all chicken pizza and no veggies at all . This one is for the people who loves just chicken and no veggies in their pizza . I felt they could have added some more pizza sauce to it cuz it lacked some garlic flavour which pizza’s normally do have . So head to long live pizza if your short on money but still crave for pizza .

Stop no 3

Milkyway :

The most popular ice cream parlour which has been serving yummy Italian soft serves , thick milkshakes and soda pops ever since 1994 is now open in OMR FOODSTREET . Honestly I didn’t have any expectations on them and thought that they have lost their standards over the years . But trust me they haven’t lost it yet , Unlike other ice cream chains they are not overly priced .we ordered a Hot Chocolate Brownie sundae which was just bliss in you mouth. Hot fudgy brownies topped with hot chocolate sauce and their signature softy serves .They have a wide range of softy serves to choose from . Beat the summer heat with their rich creamy soft serves .

Stop no 4

Bubble XO :

The famous Taiwanese Bubble tea is now here in Namma Chennai city . This is the chilled version of tea but added with few toppings called Boba . Boba is a type of bubble that pops in your mouth and bursts out the fruity flavours . The normal or the classic tea has tapioca pearls which doesn’t burst but gives a nice twist to it . We ordered the classic Hong Kong milk tea which is milk based chilled tea with some tapioca black pearls . The tea is similar to the chai we drink but isn’t that strong in taste. For all those fitness freaks and calorie concious peeps you could check their menu which includes how much calories each of their drink has . If you guys ever visit OMR FOODSTREET do visit bubble xo and try out their bubble tea .

Stop 5

Famous Jigarthanda :

This is the best and the healthiest way to beat the blazing heat . Jil Jil Jigarthanda in this summer is all you need to keep yourself hydrated and cool. The texture of it is why people often visit them . Jigarthanda has almond gum in it which gives it a nice texture and also helps in reducing the body heat . There are a lot healthy benefits from this refreshing summer drink . They even serve paal/milk ice cream either in a cone or in a cup , feeling nostalgic right ? . They serve Jigarthanda in two options one is the normal and other is the special Jigarthanda. We opted the Normal cuz we were already pretty stuffed. The normal one itself tasted pretty good and I wonder how the special tastes .

Stop no 6

Mast Banarasi Paan :

And to end the day right we decided to try paan. I never knew there are a wide range of paans available. But what caught our eyes was the fire paan . It’s regular paan with some camphor in it which lits up the paan . The guy stuffs the whole paan right away as soon as it is lit . You’ve definitely got to workout out your mouth cuz chewing the whole paan in one go is not so easy. We even tried a chocolate paan which tasted absolutely great. Unlike other paan shops their paan is chilled which makes quite refreshing.

Over all this place has become a big hit and the place is absolutely lit during the weekends. Do visit them along with your friends and family if you wanna spend some quality time or just visit them just for their food.

, You can’t miss out on these 6 awesome outlets at OMR Food Street Thoraipakkam, OMR FOOD STREETSHRUTI KRISHNAN@appetite_cravingsChennai