An interesting sub-culture of Indian food is the chaat phenomenon that has been prevalent over the decades. One of the more interesting sub-cultures that have intruded the mind space of Indians, enticing them with a wide array of dishes and specialities, chaat food has become the new “quick bite”. Be it the portable, roadside pani poori stalls or the exclusive chaat outlets, they have for sure become a force to reckon with in the street food arena.

Mittai O Mittai is a chaat outlet located at OMR Food Street, Guduvanchery, catering to the fancies of chaat aficionados in the area. Taking up the model of Chaat Chatore, a speciality chaat franchise from Indore, Mittai O Mittai has probably the most diverse range of chaat one can lay their eyes on.


, Mittai O Mittai, OMR FOOD STREET


Ask for their signature dish and you will get served a plate of cheese katori chaat. Translating to ‘small bowls’, the katoris are made of a combination of wheat flour, corn and a dash of sugar. Topped with a mixture of finely diced vegetables, three varieties of mayonnaise (regular, barbecue and spicy), grated cheese and coriander leaves, the katori chaat gives you a prominent mustardy flavor, with all the ingredients coming together quite well to form a crispy yet juicy treat.

While you’re there, be sure to try out some of their other unique short-eats too; say the chhole tikkis, triangle chaats, gaathiya chaat, cone & corn chaats and tawa tikki pavs.