Atho or Athoke is originally a Burmese dish served by Burmese vendors in Chennai that, over the years, people have taken a liking toward due to its unique flavors and texture. Originally prepared with pre-cooked wheat noodles, the dish has evolved and taken a form of its own with respect to the ingredients used and the recipe followed to put together the noodle-y dish.

The original atho is not a flame cooked dish but one that is prepared by hand with precooked ingredients. But upcoming outlets like the Star Burma outlet at Guduvanchery have put their own twist to the concept by cooking the dish thoroughly. One can choose from varieties such as the egg atho, chicken atho or a combination of both (what we ordered) to suit their taste buds. Cooked with flat noodles, cabbages, onions, herbs and their own version of atho masala, the resulting dish is mounded onto a bowl straight from the pan, and quite hot for immediate consumption.

, Star Burmese Atho, OMR FOOD STREET

Entirely different in its taste to the original atho, the cooked version of this dish is hotter, spicier and more like a home-cooked bowl of noodles than what it’s actually meant to be. You would most certainly be on the lookout for a drink or dessert to soothe your taste buds after downing a bowl of the Star Burma atho.

Foodie Tip: Head over to the Burma stall at OMR Food Street, Thoraipakkam to get your hands on a bowl of the (close to) original atho.