OMR Food Street is a confluence of food joints serving a variety of delectables that can be categorized into three main groups. The regular starters, main course and dessert stand at the top, followed by vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, and the type of cuisines (Mexican, Italian, North Indian, etc.) at the far end. A one-stop-shop for all things food, if you will.

Kebab Kingdom is a small joint at OMR Food Street, Guduvanchery, serving an array of meaty, kebab-style treats to its customers. The meat treats are served in either in the plate or in the form of wraps with the additional onions, lemon and spicy chutney. What were we served? The chicken seekh kebab and the chicken Kashmiri kebab.

, Kebab Kingdom rules it all, OMR FOOD STREET

The chicken seekh kebab is essentially a long tubular piece of tender, chicken meat that is skewered in the grill to give it the kebab-style appearance and flavor. Well marinated to give it a zing, the seekh kebab is quite the dish to satisfy even the most indulgent meat-eater.

The Kashmiri kebab is more like any other dry chicken starter, with the exception of being coated with the goodness of Kashmiri spices and flavors. Marinated well to give it the color, the resulting kebab is succulent to the degree of melting in your mouth. The only part where Kebab Kingdom goes a little lackluster is in its plating process, which leaves more to be desired. However, that aspect should definitely get better over time.

Chef’s Expert Tip: Get your hands a little dirty with this kebab, as the toothpicks are not of much use. Coat every single bite of the kebab with the herb chutney and pick a few slices of onions to add that little crisp.

Head over to Kebab Kingdom at OMR Food Street, Guduvanchery to experience the mighty, meaty kebabs in all its glory.