If you’re searching for a place where you can find the most desired street foods at a nominal price with a wide range of cusines available, then you’re at the right place!! You’re about to visually explore one of such street food paradise in chennai which will provide you the comfort of indulging in the most favourite delicacies under one roof.

Yes im talking about the famous OMR FOOD STREET, THURAIPAKKAM one of the first and oldest food streets in chennai. Brilliant structure, compact and comfortable for a short food walk while relishing our favourite food right from aromatic dosa’s to spicy shawarma’s to ending with delicious desserts they will have us covered right from main course to desserts!! Following are some of the best shops to try when in omr food street, thuraipakkam.


This shawarma kiosk which specialises in shawarma, barbeque, and grilled chicken was my first stop and made me fall in love with their shawarma. I ordered special shawarma which was handed to me within minutes. Meat cooked with perfection went well with the mayonnaise and other spices and mainly the kuboos was really soft and complimented the stuffing well. Apart from these pros the only con was i felt it a bit over priced because i get the same for lesser price elsewhere. Would be visiting again to try their grill & bbq’s.


, Foodies heaven, OMR FOOD STREET
Second spot was this pizza shop which can be seen in almost every omr food street. Ordered for a chicken trio medium pizza and a mint mojito. Being a sucker for mojito, it was just perfect with the right amount of mint and lemon. And then came the pizza, that looked very much appetising. The pizza was decent in taste but i felt it was a bit less spicy & blunt. One cosy place for pocket friendly pizzas and other quick bites. Dont forget to try their mojito 🙂


, Foodies heaven, OMR FOOD STREET
I would say the shop is underrated and is yet to be explored by many! Without big expectations i stepped into the shop and ordered for a hot chocolate brownie sundaewhich was pleasing to eyes and i couldnot wait to dig into the ice cream. Thats when i felt the shop was really underrated because it tasted really good with yummy softy topped with hot chocolate fudge sauce, hot brownies and lots of cashews. To be honest not every place serves the fudge warm as said in the menu but this place did it with perfection. This place is easily my next ice cream destination when at omr!


, Foodies heaven, OMR FOOD STREET
Bubble xo is my forever go to place or say my seccond home since the time they started their first branch in chennai. So ordering wasn’t a task for me as i went with my regular favourite, HONG KONG CLASSIC BUBBLE TEA. Thats a must try people, trust me! So bubble tea is a taiwanese tea based drink, wherein a tea base is mixed with fruit or milk to which chewy tapioca balls & fruit jelly are added as per choice. Best place to try out a wide range of bubble tea’s.


, Foodies heaven, OMR FOOD STREET
Never tried jigarthanda before, so was really excited to try them for the first time from this famous shop exclusively for jigarthanda. They serve special as well as regular jigarthanda, and already being stomach full i went with the regular expecting it to be less tasty but to mt surprise it turned out to be the best dessert ive tasted. Love at first bite maybe! Gonna be my staple desset destination again!! I wonder how good their special jigarthanda would be tasting :O


, Foodies heaven, OMR FOOD STREET
Wanting to end the food hunt in a special way, this paan shop caught my eyes and made me try out their signature FIRE PAAN. Have never tried this before so was scared, excited and wanting to try very badly i was held up between mixed feelings! Finally i tried the famous fire paan and was as happy as a kid, stuffing my mouth with sweet paan filled with tweety frootys, took me solid 10 mins to finish eating it completely. One good experience!

That was one epic food walk which was relished to every bite and bit!! Looking forward to visit OMR food street for more such delightful experience. If you are searching for that place that is pocket friendly and covers almost everything from main course to desserts them OMR food street is there for your rescue!!