The name says it all about, street full of food outlets. Was invited to be at their Thoraipakkam location, and it was their first food street. It is an approximate space of 20000 sq. ft. space filled with a groceries shop and remaining are all “Nalla kottikura” places. My favorite food outlets in the street include Brownie heaven, Milky Way, Frankie shop, Ajanabi. Then these two got added to my bucket list:

Bubble XO:

, Food chain.Strictly food., OMR FOOD STREET

It’s a Bubble tea based kiosk outlet from Malaysia as I heard from him. Basically a beverage shop which has varieties of bubble teas including chillers, fruit tea, soda pop, smoothies, classics and Oreo blends. Their menu card indicates the calories for the drink they serve so health and gym freaks, do bookmark this place. I tried a smoothie based lychee drink. It’s made of thick blend of condensed milk, ice crystals, lychee flavor, and I added myself with berry popping Boba (Sugary flavored balls) and tapioca pearls (Sugary squares of Boba extracted from roots of maravalli kizhangu and processed). It was mixed in a mixer in correct proportion of each additive and sealed in a medium or large plastic cup. The flavored beverage was chill to have in this scorching summer, and the berry fruit balls just burst inside the tongue which adds more flavor to the lychee based drink. It costed about Rs. 140/- exclusive of taxes which is a mediocre one.


, Food chain.Strictly food., OMR FOOD STREET

They serve the best Ouzi in city. Ouzi is the Lebanese word for a dish of baked lamb or chicken and spiced rice. The basmati rice is cooked with a blend of sweet spices, including allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and cardamom in a way of dum biriyani style cooking. I tried the ¼ chicken varieties there. The chicken was even cooked perfect with their tangy and mild spiced marinated spices rubbed on it. The rice was even served with baked potato and egg. The potato was even rubbed with the spices. Coming to the taste, it is a very mild spiced one which made it a perfect one for your stomach to fill up. In a word it was the “Yummy”. It costed around Rs. 180/- which was great. Then comes to my fav dessert part baklava, it’s a made of rich sheets imported from turkey with filled with chopped nuts sweetened and held together.

At last a sentence food street “Unity in diversity in a single place, that too for Fooooooddd…”


, Food chain.Strictly food., OMR FOOD STREETSharan Thiruvalluvan@creamanChennai