BBQ on Wheels! BBQ on Bullet! BBQ on Bike!
Call it all of that and more,
and it fits the bill,
like skewers on grill 😉

A custom made side car on a sturdy Royal Enfield bike. The side car is actually a coal BBQ grill, food and props storage space and much more. Serving the choicest of BBQ dishes, this meals on wheels is the brainchild of Arun Varma and Krishna Krish, two serial foodpreneurs.

The concept is unique, catchy, and the food is good. Add some social media to the mix, it’s the perfect food news pick, BBQ Ride India has been covered by a wide host of media, small, big, print, online and TV. Franchisees growing left, right and center, covering cities across India. Chennai has at least two of these lip-smacking, coal burning, grill bullets.

Bob’s Smokin’ BBQ at OMR Food Street, Navalur is the latest addition. And it’s been receiving the kind of adulation, following and coverage, that’s fit for a mass appetizing munch mania.

Bob’s BBQ on BBC Tamil



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Come and be fascinated by this captivating BBQ set-up and the tantalizing coal-grilled veggies, meaties and fruitiees too 😉

You’ll find Bob’s Smokin’ BBQ Bullet next to the Malabar Camboose Outlet in OMR Food Street, Navalur. Can’t miss it!